Latest Release! "Entr'acte"

Our latest release is a beautiful collection of works by French composers from the Baroque through to the twentieth century performed on flute and guitar. Some of these pieces are written especially for this ensemble and others are arrangements by Adam Pounds.

A majority of the pieces come from the early twentieth century and the style of the cover reflects this. It is in the form of a 78rpm record of that time and the special edition CD has bonus tracks where the listener can experience the sound as it would have been heard on the Gramophone!

Stunning Recordings, Exceptional Music


Cambridge Recordings was set up in 2004 as an opportunity for composers and musicians based in Cambridge to have a small independant label outlet and specialises in recording previously unreleased or deleted material of underrepresented composers and artists. CR was established, and is run by, three dedicated people who have spent their entire working lives, and beyond, teaching, performing, studying and engineering in and around the British music scene.

Our aim was to create a recording label which, instead of releasing clinical, almost stagnant, recordings which are the results of being over produced like a lot of major labels works, actually create vibrant recordings which allow the expression of the music and artist to shine through without compromising on the quality of the sound.

We are always interested to hear from musicians and composers regarding inovative and new projects to include on the label and we also offer recording and engineering facilities for hire if you have a project or concert that you would like recorded, engineered, mastered and preserved in the highest audio quality. This along with other services such as graphic design, cover art and inlay design and CD pressing all available from Cambridge Recordings.

Adam Pounds